Julia White  BFA


Queen’s University                                       Bachelor of Fine Arts

Kingston, ON (1991-1995)

Deep Listening Institute                              Certificate

NY, U.S.A. (2001-2003)


Selected Shows


WATER Shadows : Tributary, sculptural score for the Pauline Oliveros Memorial Celebration (former director of Deep Listening Institute, senior figure in contemporary American music) to be performed in Montreal at McGill University; the sound sculpture aspect of score on display at the Institute for the Public Life of Art and Ideas, Montreal, PQ

WATER Shadows,  Installation Zone, Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, Toronto, ON


WATER Shadows, at Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts, Collingwood, ON (solo show)

WATER Shadows, in the Granary, Electric Eclectics Festival, Meaford, ON (solo show)


-Recipient of the Robert G. Kemp Award through the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts for a new project, WATER Shadows: an installation of sound sculptures, (July)

-Guest Curator of Ione’s 18th Annual Dream Festival (online residency/NY)

Forest of Light Columns (outdoor installation), in “Wild Threads” (two-person show) in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Mississauga, at The Glenerin Inn, Mississauga, ON (Feb.-May)

Forest of Columns, at ORANGE cube contemporary, Ravenna, ON (July-Sept.)

-Light Columns on display in sculpture garden, Flesherton Art Gallery, Flesherton, ON


-“Intersections”, (group show) at the Oxley Common, Toronto, ON (Nov.-April)

-“The Red and the Black”, (group show) World of Threads Festival of Contemporary Fibre Art, Queen Elizabeth Cultural Centre, Oakville, ON (Nov-Dec.)

-“Prototype”, Interior Design Show, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, ON (Jan.)

-“Roots Entwined”; two-person show (Steven White), Durham Art Gallery, Durham, ON (March-May)

-Tangerine Gecko Art Gallery, Markham, ON (Nov.-March)

-“Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition”, Toronto, ON (July)

-(rental, two seasons) 3 light sculptures prominently featured in Guillermo Del Toro’s hit tv series, The Strain


-“Shades of Grey”, (group show) Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON

Canadian Spirit Festival, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, ON, outdoor installation, Forest of Columns

Mudtown Music and Arts Festival, Owen Sound, ON, onstage installation in conjunction with bands, STARS & Hannah Georgas

-“52nd Annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition”, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, ON

Electric Eclectics Festival of contemporary sound-art/music, Meaford, ON, outdoor installation, Forest of Columns (also in documentary ‘Eccentric Eclectic’ about this sound-art/music festival by Nika Bellanina)

-“Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts Juried Show”, BMFA, Collingwood, ON


-“Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts Juried Show”, BMFA, Collingwood,ON

-Participant in Women and Identity International Festival (online and in Kingston, NY)


-“Combined and Twined”- collaborative exhibition with Steven White; Art on the Wall, Deep Listening Institute, Kingston, NY

-Featured in the film, ‘100 Artists, 100 Dreams’, New York; by Sadee Braithwaite

Summerfolk Festival, ‘Torusfeatured on Art and Culture Walk, Owen Sound

-Participant in Women and Identity International Festival, (international scope/online)


Owen Sound Art Banner Project, ‘Torus featured

-Wonderactive Sea Creature; commission, designed and created a large interactive sea creature with removable parts, using steel, textiles, magnets; Bruce County Museum, Southampton, ON

-Wonderactive Art Shop; owner/director, gallery of contemporary & interactive art, Thornbury, ON


-“Autopoesis: Self-creation”, (group show) Meaford Arts and Cultural Centre, Meaford, ON


-“Art Garden”, (group show) Flesherton Art Gallery- Flesherton, ON

-Walters Falls Group of Artists, “The Show”- Walters Falls, ON

Escarpment Studio Tour, Starwheel Studio- Walters Falls, ON


Project Coordinator 

Collingwood/New York

Deep Listening Institute- DLI promotes innovation among artists and audiences in creating, performing, recording & educating with a global perspective; directed local participation in the Worldwide Tuning Meditation, a sonic event by renowned composer Pauline Oliveros; one of 8 live streams from around the world broadcast into Lincoln Center, New York, blending with the 1000 live voices

Artist, Composer, Director, Producer

Walter’s Falls, ON/Hudson, NY

Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.- created Threads of Peace, a long, scrolling fabric piece that became a musical score for a performance in Hudson, NY, part of the Deep Listening Institute’s Convergence, a series of concerts, a ‘sonic gesture of peace.’ The score was creatively woven out of stories, ideas and images of peace that were contributed by individuals worldwide; coordinated online skype rehearsals; directed the performance where the visual score was ceremonially ‘breathed to life’ by the 17 international performers (instrumentalists, vocalists, spoken-word artist) and the audience, all part of the dialogue through the screen projection of the score

-Threads of Peace, on display- Georgian Bay Theatre Co., Meaford, ON

-Threads of Peace, on display- Lifebridge Sanctuary, High Falls, NY


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-a wide range of art works have been collected and exhibited in Ontario, British Columbia and the USA