Forest of Columns *click on image to enter gallery of Light Columns installation shots (scroll down for individual columns)

Light Columns are light sculptures that evolved out of a recent body of work, Forest of Columns. When lit from within, the columns undergo a complete transformation; they come to life. They offer an atmosphere of ease by providing a warm glow of ambient light. The juxtaposition of the free-­‐flowing wrapping technique that adorns the surface with the classic column form, elicits a feeling of wonder. Each one shares the same basic form, yet has its own organic character. Inspired by the growth patterns of tree branches, root systems and vines, my work is uninhibited yet deliberately refined. I intuitively weave together materials such as steel, yarn, vines, cordage, twines and textiles into original sculptures. Each piece is unique, with its intricately-­‐knotted layers of rich colour and texture.

The design applications for Light Columns are vast; I can custom-make them to meet specific design requirements such as height, colour and mood. Please contact me to discuss your custom order, whether you are an individual with a specific space in your home that would benefit from an ambient light feature, or a designer with a particular client in mind.  I am available for private consultations. Lead time for custom orders is approximately 4 weeks.

Please contact me to find out more about the availability of individual columns, exact prices and shipping. Light Columns are light and strong and can be easily shipped abroad. There are rental options also; please enquire.

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