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Forest of Light Columns; INSTALLATION shots

Forest of Light Columns; INSTALLATION shots


INDIVIDUAL Light Columns


Forest of Light Columns, is an evolving installation of tall, thin, treelike columns that are rich in colour and texture and have recently come to include light. When lit from within, the columns completely transform; they become alive. The rope lights inside can be programmed with controllers to ‘random slow fade’ which gives the effect that they are breathing. They offer an atmosphere of ease by providing a warm glow of ambient light and mysterious beauty. The juxtaposition of my free-flowing wrapping technique on the surface of the classic column form elicits a feeling of wonder. Each one maintains the same basic structure yet is unique.  I am inspired by the growth patterns of tree branches, root systems and vines, so evident in the forest surrounding my rural studio. The columns are not only reminiscent of trees but also human beings; we are all the same, connected to the same Source, yet one-of-a-kind in how we express our individuality. The surface of each column is like an outer skin that when alight, reveals an intricate array of networks like the neural and arterial systems of the human body. Whether shown together in an installation or on their own, they encourage listening for the subtle presence of what lights us up inside and nourishes us deeply. It is my intention that the act of moving through the installation or gazing upon just one, may open a potent dialogue between the mind of nature and the individual, just as I experienced during the art-making process. It brings to light the presence of a living matrix that bridges the gap between what is ‘within’ and ‘without’. It is in itself, an invitation to more fully connect to the underlying vital essence that animates the phenomenal world and also us, as an integral part of it. It communes with viewers by providing an atmosphere for connection to the ‘wild currents’ within. By transforming the space my work inhabits into a dream-like sculptural landscape, it becomes a sanctuary of sorts where one may simply Be.